Our website (www.foranequine.com) uses small pieces of data called cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and also allows us to improve our website.

We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect any changes in technology, data protection legislation or our data collection practices. Any updates or changes that may affect how we use cookies or how you as a user can manage cookies will appear in this Policy. We encourage you to periodically review our Cookie Policy to determine the current policy in force.

1.    Your Consent

By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our placing cookies on your computer or other device in order to analyse the way you use our website.  Please read this Cookie Policy carefully for more details about the information we collect when you use this website.

If you do not wish to accept cookies in connection with your use of this website, you must stop using our website.

2.    Can I withdraw my consent?

Once you have given us your consent to the use of cookies, we shall store a cookie on your computer or device to remember this for next time. This will expire periodically.  If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you will need to delete your cookies using your internet browser settings.

For further information about deleting or blocking cookies, please visit: http://www.aboutcookies.org.

3.    What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent by a website's server to your computer or other device, such as a mobile phone, and stored in your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). It consists of anonymous information, including a unique user identifier. When you revisit a website or navigate between pages, this data is passed from your browser to the website's server. With this data, the website is able to 'remember' your browser, enabling it to retrieve your user preferences, to personalise your visits and to simplify any sign-in procedures.

Cookies are intended to improve your user experience by making it easier and faster to navigate through a website. For example, some websites require that you log in to gain access. If such websites did not use cookies, then you would be required to enter your login details every time you navigated to a new page because the website would not be able to remember that you had already logged in.

Many websites also use cookies for advertising purposes. For example, certain cookies allow a website to determine if you've already seen a particular advertisement and therefore it may not display that advertisement on subsequent pages that you visit.

All of the information a cookie collects can only be retrieved by the website server that sent the cookie to your browser.

4.    Cookies on www.foranequine.com

(a)    Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary for the website to provide certain features and functions. These cookies let you move around the website and use essential features like secure areas and shopping baskets. Without these cookies, services you have asked for cannot be provided.  Please note that these cookies do not gather any information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you've been on the internet.

We use these Strictly Necessary cookies to:

(i)    Remember information you have entered on order forms when you navigate to     different pages during a web browser session;

(ii)    Remember the goods you ordered when you get to the checkout page;

(iii)    Identify you as being logged in to our website;

(iv)    Make sure you connect to the right service on our website when we make any     changes to the way the website works; and

(v)    To route users to specific applications of a service, or specific servers.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent these cookies we can't guarantee your use of our website or how the security on our website will perform during your visit.

(b)    Performance Cookies

Performance cookies allow us to collect statistical information about our visitors, such as whether they have visited the website before and the pages they view. This information is gathered anonymously - it does NOT enable us to identify who you are. We use these cookies to determine the kind of content and services our visitors value most, which in turn helps us improve our website and its content.

By using our website, you accept the use of “Performance” cookies. Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent them we cannot guarantee how our site will perform for you.

(c) Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit to our website. We use these cookies to:

(i)    Remember settings you have applied such as layout, font size, preferences etc.;

(ii)    Detecting if a service has already been offered;

(iii)    Fulfilling a request such as submitting a comment;

(iv)    Show when you are logged on to the website.

Some of these cookies are managed by third parties, you may refer to the third parties’ website privacy notices for further information.

By using our website, you accept the use of “Functionality” cookies. Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent them we cannot guarantee how our site will perform for you.

For transparency purposes, we have set out below the cookies we use on our website:

Cookie Name        Nature and Purpose of CookieFirst or Third PartyCategory
JSESSIONID A JESSIONID cookie lasts until the end of the session First Strictly Necessary
cookieStatus_sitename A cookieStatus_sitename cookie lasts for a maximum of 10 days First Performance






  • __utma is a persistent cookie that keeps track of the number of times you have visited our website and when the last visit occurred.
  • __utmb and __utmc are session cookies that last for a maximum of 30 minutes that calculate how long a site visits takes.
  •  __utmz is a persistent cookie that lasts for up to six months it keeps track of where the visitor came from, what search engine they used, what link they clicked on, what keyword they used, and where they were in the world when they accessed a website
Third Party – Google Analytics (data is collected anonymously)  


has_js cookies informs the content management system whether you have javascript enabled in your browser settings. Third Party -Drupal Functionality


This sets a session for users when logged in. Session lasts for 24 days    Third Party -Drupal Functionality


This adds the black tool bar Third Party -Drupal (editor view only) Functionality


WYSIWYG Third Party-Drupal (editor view only) Functionality


Used to remember whether collapsible items are open or closed Third Party-Drupal Functionality


5. Controlling cookies

Cookies are meant to improve the user experience, but some users prefer to set restrictions on the types of cookies that can be stored on their computer or mobile phone.

By modifying your browser preferences, you have the choice to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set or to reject all cookies.

It is important to note that you will lose some functions of our website if you choose to restrict or disable its cookies.

6.    More information about cookies


For more information about Google analytic cookies, please see Google's help pages and privacy policy:

Google's Privacy Policy

Google Analytics Help pages

Information about cookies

Useful information about cookies can be found at:


Behavioural Advertising

A guide to behavioural advertising and online privacy has been produced by the internet advertising industry which can be found at:



Effective as at May 2013