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The first foals of the year have started to appear in fields across the country. Here are our top tips for making sure you are ready for the foaling season and keeping your foals as healthy as possible.

Physitis or epiphysitis is a developmental orthopaedic disease. Physitis is most usually a disease of heavy, fast growing foals and is often seen in both thoroughbred and sport horse herds. It is more common in foals being supplemented with large amounts of hard feed.

Vices in horses are a regular occurrence as part of stable life. Understanding and managing them is vital for both a horse's well-being as well as sale value.

Having put huge efforts into selecting pedigrees and animals for the sales the next step is to ensure that your yearling looks as well as possible. Topline and shine are the key words when preparing yearlings for sale.

Anhidrosis is a serious condition of horses exercising in hot humid areas. In some horses the condition can be reversed, others require careful management of their condition to ensure continued athletic ability.