Osteo Glycan from Foran Equine


Superior powdered supplement containing marine collagen, vitamins and minerals to support bone and joint development.

Suitable For: In-foal mares and youngstock up to two years old

Superior bone and joint development supplement containing marine collagen "super food" along with organic silica and key minerals calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and magnesium to promote and support bone and joint development. Vitamin A is added to support collagen formation, a key component of bone and Vitamin D3 is added to enhance calcium absorption.

In-Foal mares

On average, 65% of foal growth occurs during the last three months of pregnancy. Provision of adequate nutrients to support this growth is simple when Osteo-Glycan is added to the mare's ration.

Young stock

The majority of bone calcium, bone density and cartilage are laid down in the first two years of a horse's life; Osteo-Glycan supplementation provides a balanced nutritional supply to support this growth.

Young horses entering training can be predisposed to skeletal injury by the tough physical demands. Osteo-Glycan provides an excellent support to bones and joints, helping to minimise these risks.

Directions For Use

To be mixed daily with feed

450-600KG  In-Foal Mares  50g
200-350KG Yearlings  30g
<200KG Foals  25g

Nutritional Analysis

Trace Elements 
Marine Collagen 50,000mg 2500mg
Copper 1000mg 50mg
Zinc 3000mg 150mg
Magnesium 25000mg 1250mg
Calcium 215000mg 10750mg
Phosphorus 86000mg 4300mg
Sodium 15700mg 785mg
Silica (Organic) 20000mg 1000mg
Vitamin D3 120000 iu 6000 iu
Vitamin A 600000 iu 30000 iu

What Customers Say

“Osteo-Glycan is an integral part of our smaller breeding programme”

- Ken Murtagh, Yearling Manager, Kilmacreddock Stud, Airlie Group, Ireland.

"We believe in doing the best for all horses under our care so we include in our routine products such as their Kentucky Karron Oil and Osteo-Glycan for best results year after year. Only the best for the best you might say!”

- Eimear Mulhern, Meadow Court Stud, Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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