When to Add Electrolytes

31 January 2017 |
Margaret Wilson

Electrolytes should be supplemented to all horses in regular work. Horses lose electrolyt...read more

A Helping Hand for Older Horses During the Winter

9 December 2016 |
Margaret Wilson

Older horses may need some extra TLC during the winter months. Adding extra vitamins and m...read more

Preparing Horses for Winter

7 October 2016 |
Margaret Wilson
Preparing horses for winter is essential as the evenings are getting darker and with it the tem...read more

Road to Rio – A Home Away from Home

5 August 2016 |
Margaret Wilson

Four years of work amounts to what happens in the rings at Deodoro Park, the Olympic Eques...read more

Horse Show Preparation Tips

17 May 2016 |
Sabrina Barnwell MVB MRCVS

Trot up time at Badminton is renowned for being the catwalk of the eventing world as all t...read more

Electrolytes for Exercise Recovery

7 May 2014 |
Margaret Wilson

Improve exercise recovery with electrolyte supplementation in horses.

All...read more

Boosting Performance & Recovery During the Season

17 April 2014 |
Margaret Wilson

Want to know how Pro Am Boost can help your horse maintain performance throughout the comp...read more

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