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Electrolytes for Exercise Recovery

Electrolytes for Exercise Recovery
7 May 2014 | Margaret Wilson


Improve exercise recovery with electrolyte supplementation in horses.

Horse Sweating

All horsemen are familiar with the fact that horses lose salts in their sweat. These “salts” are electrolytes, which are essential minerals that function throughout the body in muscle contraction. Competing, racing and exercising, particularly in warm weather, lead to noticeable sweating in horses. Both the water and the salts lost in sweat must be replaced to ensure rehydration, which is crucial to exercise recovery. A horse’s normal diet isn’t typically rich in salts, so electrolyte supplementation is necessary for those horses in heavy work or competition.

Equi-Lyte G is Foran Equine’s premium electrolyte powder; it contains balanced electrolytes for the equine athlete with added Vitamins C and E in a glucose powder base. Simply, add Equi-Lyte G to the normal feed as required. Equi-Lyte G replaces the necessary electrolytes, restores the hydration status and helps horses to eat up. The Vitamins C and E it contains, function as antioxidants and support exercise recovery. A rehydrated, recovered horse has a healthy appetite and is better equipped to continue and improve its athletic performance.

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