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Make The Most of Your Mare’s Milk Quality

Make The Most of Your Mare’s Milk Quality
23 January 2014 | Margaret Wilson


How do you support the quality of your mare’s milk to make sure the foal gets the full benefits?

The greatest relief for any breeder after foaling comes is when the foal stands and finds the udder. We all know mare’s milk is the ultimate nutrition for foals in the first weeks of life, and it stands to reason that for a mare to produce sufficient, high quality milk, the mare’s nutritional supply must be optimised.

Mare’s milk is rich in both protein and fats, which are necessary for the foal growth and energy.

Foran Equine Kentucky Karron Oil is an excellent addition to a mare’s diet to support milk production. As it is palatable it helps mares eat up, and aids feed digestion. Most importantly it supplies the essential fatty acids needed to produce milk. Omega 3 fatty acids are the predominate in mare’s milk, these  cannot be produced by the body and are very low in hay and grains, Foran Equine Kentucky Karron Oil is rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, studies have shown that adding fats to the diet of lactating mares can improve the fat content of their milk.

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