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Maximise Your Horse’s Air Power

Maximise Your Horse’s Air Power
22 May 2014 | Margaret Wilson


A horse takes in approximately 35 litres of air per second while galloping. Help maximise your horse’s air power with Foran Equine Airvent.

Galloping Horse

Did you know a galloping horse inhales on every stride? This means it is taking in approximately 35 litres of air per second at a gallop. That’s a lot of air!

The oxygen in the air is necessary to release energy for muscles to use in exercise. Some horses’ suffer with their wind, while others develop lung problems following infections or from being in dusty environments. Foran Equine Airvent is formulated to make breathing, which is a critical part of exercise, smoother. Given before exercise it opens and soothes the airways, maximises air power and helps your horse reach their athletic potential.

For more information on this product check out AIRvent Syrup and AIRvent Gel.

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