Foran Equine rider Scott Brash had a great start to his career, competing for Great Britain on Nations Cup teams & at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games. He claimed team gold at the London 2012 Olympics and made history in 2015 when he became the first rider to claim the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

On a recent visit to Foran Equine rider Scott Brash’s yard to see his horses and review their diets, we asked him some of the things we were dying to know.


1. Whats your favourite show?

Spruce Meadows

2. What is your favourite dinner?

Chicken Roast…… (Not Roast Chicken, they are very different!!)

3. Favourite Film?


4. One thing at a show you cannot live without?

My super grooms

5. How do you like to celebrate after a win?

Celebrate with the whole team by having a BBQ at home

6. If you werent a showjumper what would you be?

Footballer, Jockey or Golfer

7. Favourite City?


8. Most memorable moment in career?

I have two. 1 winning the Rolex Grand Slam with Sanctos and 2 Winning Gold at the London Olympics again with Sanctos

9. Apart from any of the amazing horses you have competed through the years who would be the one horse you would love to ride?

Japalouppe – he was such a trier, for such a small horse he was so careful and gave everything

10. Tell us something we don’t know about you

I worked on a building site for 6 months for my father

11. Favourite Foran Equine Product?

Recovery Support

12. Favourite RED MILLS feed?

Horse Care 10

What Scott says about Foran Equine & RED MILLS

“The best thing about Foran Equine and Connolly’s RED MILLS is the support we receive. Their team comes in and treats every horse as an individual to help me get the best out of each of them. They make a programme for each horse and take into account their temperament, workload and what their training and show schedules include.

We receive the best of care from the team, they test our hay and haylage on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the nutritional needs of all our horses. Both RED MILLS and Foran Equine are available around the world this means that whether we are in Europe, China or America we can keep to the same diet and not have to switch, this is very important for me and for the health of my horses

The most important thing for me when working with any company is to ensure that my horses are their primary concern and the level of attention we get for our horses from Foran Equine and Connolly’s RED MILLS is why I choose to work with these guys”.


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