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Mud Fever Treatment for Horses

Mud Fever Treatment for Horses
15 January 2016 | Margaret Wilson


Mud fever treatment for horses is a challenge for owners, although this winter has been wet and mild.This winter has been one of the warmest and wettest recorded and rain scald and mud fever are particularly prevalent during wet weather.

It will come as no surprise to hear that this winter has been one of the warmest and wettest recorded. While not the harshest of winters, mud fever treatment still proves to be a challenge for horse owners.

Rain scald and mud rash (or mud fever) are two skin conditions which are particularly prevalent during wet weather.

Mud Fever Signs

Rain scald and mud fever affect the skin and hair. Rain scald typically is seen on the rump and rain affected areas. Mud fever is typically seen on the lower legs, where they have been in prolonged contact with wet and dirty conditions.

Both are characterised by multiple small lumps/bumps in the coat. On closer inspection these small lumps are clumps of matted hair that peel off as crusts. They are not typically painful, but result in a pock marked coat.

Mud Fever Treatment

Neither condition should be ignored. Removing the animal from the causation is best if possible. This can be achieved by housing in dry conditions, restricting turn out to sand arenas and using all-weather blankets when turning out.

Care should also be taken of the lesions, with regular gentle cleaning and taking care not to break the skin if removing the crusts. Severely affected cases may require veterinary attention.

The good news is, neither condition is permanent and both clear up when the weather improves, here’s hoping we will finally get some dry weather!

If you have any queries on this issue or anything other problems you may be having with your horse please contact the Foran Equine experts who will be happy to help you.

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