Be The Best With B-Complete

Be The Best With B-Complete
21 August 2019 | Foran Equine

Leading performance supplement company Foran Equine Launches innovative B-Vitamin Supplement, B-Complete  

New to the Foran Equine range, B-Complete contains vital B vitamins essential for blood cell formation and optimal metabolism, maximising the diet for energy production. The palatable liquid formula supports digestive function and promotes appetite.

B-Complete perfectly complements Foran Equine’s high-performance product range. B vitamins play an integral role in the release of energy from carbohydrates as well as the metabolism and utilisation of proteins for muscle growth and development.

B-Complete has been designed for performance horses with high energy demands, who may benefit from B vitamin supplementation to maximise performance.

B-Complete can also be safely used to promote appetite during times of stress and fatigue, such as travelling or during intense training.

Due to Foran Equine’s stringent testing measures to ensure products are compliant with anti-doping regulations, B-Complete is safe to use in all racing and competition horses.

Gareth Connolly, Sales and Marketing Director of Foran Equine said: “We were delighted launch our new product B-Complete at the Dublin Horse Show, the feedback from our customers and riders was excellent. Foran Equine’s high-quality ingredients, scientifically advanced formulations and rigorous testing results in the production of world class equine nutrition and healthcare supplements. B-complete, a safe to use B vitamin supplement, is a great addition to our high-performance equine range and we’re looking forward to offering it to our customers.”




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