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Nutrition Advice for Preparing Yearlings for Sale

Nutrition Advice for Preparing Yearlings for Sale
11 September 2015 | Margaret Wilson


It is that time of year again, the summer is coming to an end and the yearling sales are fast approaching.

It is that time of year again, the summer is coming to an end and the yearling sales are fast approaching, and owners are in a hurry to get their yearlings prepared for the sales ring! We thought it would be helpful to share some tips with you to get your yearlings looking their very best!

The aim of the pre-sales preparation period for yearlings is to enhance the physical development and maturity of the yearling in order that they stand out and look their very best in the sale arena.

High Protein Diets for Yearlings

As walker exercise, hand walking, lunging and driving are introduced to develop a muscular condition and active walk, consignors are aware that the demands on these young horses require an increase in nutrients and necessitate an increase in feeding. This brings its own difficulties however, as over feeding can lead to stocking up, over conditioning or temperament issues. One of the limiting nutrients for young horse growth is protein. Diets low in protein have been shown to significantly limit growth rates in young horses.

It follows that the most valuable nutrient for the sales prep yearling is protein. Proteins are needed to build and repair muscle. The building blocks of proteins are digested and absorbed by the horse and incorporated into developing muscle. Feeding a high protein diet is typically how consignors try to meet the increased protein needs of yearlings. However, the protein content alone does not guarantee success in this area you must also consider the protein quality and protein digestibility.

When do yearlings need protein supplements?

In many cases protein supplementation can be useful for yearling sales preparation, as an efficient means to provide the necessary building blocks to create and maintain muscle mass. Supplementing protein in the diet can particularly work well for:

  • Yearlings that were of an immature body type at start of sales preparation.
  • Yearlings  that go off their feed during sales preparation
  • Yearlings recovering from illness during sales preparation
  • Yearlings that don’t eat well

We at Foran Equine have a great product that can help you get your young horse all set for the sales, which is called Pro Am Prep. Pro Am Prep is a concentrated, high quality, pre-digested liquid protein for horses. It has a uniquely pre-digested protein with additional B vitamins and Vitamin E in a formula optimised for rapid absorption to support muscular development and condition in exercising horses. For remarkable results, feed daily for 2-6 weeks before the sales and have your yearlings looking their very best.

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