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Electrolytes for  Performance, Hydration & Recovery in Horses

Supporting performance in your horse for a 2 day event- FAQ Answered by our Experts: 

I have a 12yo Connemara pony, Winnie, who has been busy all year. I have an upcoming 2-day event with Pony Club and I am slightly worried as the weather is due to be quite warm and he can be a bit sluggish on the second day of an event. Is there anything extra I can give him to give him more energy for the second day and ensure he recovers well from the whole event? 

Thank you for your query. You are 100% right to be planning ahead and thinking of how to optimise energy for performance but it is equally as important to ensure adequate recovery and rehydration.

Foran Equine Pre-Fuel is a rapid energy paste with essential BCAAs to maximize athletic performance.

When it comes to multiple-day events, maintaining an optimum level of energy can be challenging. Foran Equine Pre-Fuel Gel is an energy supplement for horses in paste format that provides a rapid energy boost to maximise performance. This can be given 1-2 hours before exercise to achieve desired results. Pre-Fuel Gel contains hydrolysed plant protein which is readily absorbed to support energy and muscle function prior to hard exercise or competition. In this case, I would advise administering Pre-Fuel Gel on the second day of the event in order to sustain energy for the duration of the competition  

Foran Equine Re-Fuel Gel is a concentrated electrolyte for horses in gel format with added B-vitamins and antioxidants for optimum recovery.

When taking part in a competition, your pony is likely to sweat, especially in warmer weather. It is important to replenish the electrolytes that are lost when your horse sweats during exercise. Adding an equine electrolyte supplement to your feeding regime after exercise/competition is crucial to support optimal recovery. Foran Equine Re-Fuel gel is an easy-to-use syringe that provides electrolytes and B-Vitamins in a palatable formulation to help replenish electrolyte losses while also encouraging appetite in horses post-exercise.

Foran Equine Pre-Fuel & Re-Fuel Liquid can be fed on a daily basis leading up to an event

This not only helps your horse recover, but also encourage them to eat post-exercise. I would therefore recommend providing Re-Fuel Liquid on a daily basis for at least a week leading up to the event and continued afterwards. Using both Pre-Fuel Gel and Re-Fuel Liquid in combination with each other is beneficial in achieving the best possible performance with your pony. Using one and not the other will only get you halfway there – the recovery is as important as the energy boost! 

Plan ahead and make sure you have your Pre-Fuel & Re-Fuel packed to achieve your best results. 

Follow the rules & pack your fuels!! 

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