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SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-Fuel & Refuel Combo

SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-Fuel & Refuel Combo
28 May 2021 | Foran Equine


The weather is improving, competitions are back in full swing, and horses and ponies are reaching peak fitness in hope of success for the season ahead!  Whether it’s a flat racehorse or a show jumping pony, consideration for optimising performance on competition days and aiding recovery will be key to a long and sustained season.  

A good daily feeding routine is important, but it can also be helpful to support your horse directly before and after exercise. Used in combination, Pre-Fuel Gel can help to give your horse that instant energy boost he needs prior to competition and Refuel Gel will help him to recover quicker after the event so that he’ll be back out competing in no time.  

Pre-Fuel answers all the calls for a muscle supplement and energy supplement for horses. This easy to dose syringe supports your horse with hydrolysed protein, antioxidants, and key vitamins and minerals to provide rapid energy and amino acids to maximise athletic performance. For best results use 1-2 hours prior to competition for horses that tire easier, require an energy boost, or when significant athletic effort is required in one day.  Click here to learn more about our unique hydrolysed protein..

The sooner you can rehydrate your horse and replenish the electrolytes lost through sweating the better as this has a direct impact on your horse’s recovery time. Refuel Gel given after hard exertion will provide your horse with the key electrolytes which are naturally low in an equine diet. It also contains B vitamins to promote appetite, and antioxidants to target muscle repair. This is a must-have recovery supplement for horses that are slow to come back to themselves after racing or competition, horses competing at multiple day events, and horses that suffer with reduced appetites following hard work. Refuel Gel is available in a convenient syringe form so it can be administered with minimal fuss once your horse has been offered drinking water and has fully cooled down.  

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