Racehorse to Riding Horse

Racehorse to Riding Horse
9 April 2015 | Margaret Wilson


It is great to see many ex-race horses getting a chance of another career as a sport horse. I met one of these horses lately and the new owner had some concerns for her horses condition.

Racehorse to Riding Horse


Question: I bought a horse from a racing yard, as they felt he wasn’t good enough for racing and I plan on doing something different with him. He seems to be very run down. Have you anything with a vitamin or mineral boost that he would benefit from?


Answer: Ex-racehorses can be very light in condition compared to sport horses, and they can take time to build up again. It is important to give them the time they need for this, and not to try to rush them. We have an excellent multivitamin and mineral supplement in Chevinal, which is available either as a liquid or pelleted supplement.

Chevinal has a high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are required by horses, it is the ideal supplement to boost nutrient intake in horses. Sometimes a change in environment can result in reduced appetite of the a horse, the liquid syrup supplement is particularly palatable and also helps horses eat up. You can feed Chevinal at the recommended dosage levels in conjunction with your normal feed and as your horse’s condition improves you can reduce the dosage by half.

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