Relief for Tired Legs

Relief for Tired Legs
3 July 2014 | Margaret Wilson


Try Foran Equine’s cooling and soothing Arnica & Aloe Vera Leg Gel for relief for tired legs after exercise.

Relief for tired legs

If you spend time exercising or competing your horse, you have also likely, spent time cold hosing your horse’s legs. It is well known that exercise increases a horse’s temperature and heat in the legs is particularly a danger sign of injury in horses.

Cold hosing is the traditional and effective solution to reduce heat and ward off swelling in horse’s legs after exercise or competition. The cooling can also help reduce stiffness.

To continue the cooling effect after hosing, or when water is not available apply Arnica and Aloe Vera Leg Gel. This soothing combination of herbal extracts in a convenient gel, is easily applied and effective in relieving heat and discomfort in tired legs post exercise.

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