Show Pony Physique

Show Pony Physique
25 March 2015 | Margaret Wilson


When it comes to show season we want to make sure our ponies are looking their best, and we cover any increased needs in their diet from the increased workload.

Show Pony Physique

Question: I am getting my 11 year old pony ready for showing and am wondering would this product be of any help to give her more of a muscular physique?


Answer: Muscle Max contains B vitamins which are used in carbohydrate and protein metabolism and their utilisation within the body. It also contains selenium, an important antioxidant primarily used by the muscle during exercise, and lysine an essential amino acid for bone and muscle growth and development in horses.

All of the Muscle Max nutrients aid muscle development by facilitating optimum utilisation of proteins and carbohydrate from the diet. This is a really useful product for both young growing horses and older horses in need of condition.

I assume from the details you have given that you are currently giving Muscle Max to your 11 year old pony in order to help her build muscle condition in advance of the showing season. When used as part of a suitable diet and overall training regime, Muscle Max is very effective at helping build condition.

In this case I would recommend that you keep your pony on Muscle Max for 4-6 weeks. The product is very safe however, so if desired the pony can return to receiving it later in the showing season if you feel she is in need of condition again. The high concentration of B vitamins also helps keep the horse stay calm, which can be helpful in the ring.

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