Stop the Sparky Spectacles

Stop the Sparky Spectacles
30 November 2013 | Margaret Wilson


Want help taking your competition routine from sparky spectacle to purposeful performance? You need to try Foran Equine’s Nutri-calm.

Having your horse behave perfectly and perform at their best in the show ring or jumping arena is not as easy as it may seem. The big stage can have a big affect on your horse’s temperament. Some horses or ponies are naturally inclined to be more nervous or aggressive. Often rigorous training and the high calorie diet need for top performance, can put the horse even more on edge.

For those horses needing to focus more on their task in the arena and less on all the bunting and paraphernalia of the show, Nutri-calm is an excellent aid. Nutri-calm naturally replenishes the magnesium necessary for muscle and nerve function and supplements tryptophan. It helps reduce stress and twitchiness in horses and restores calm. Regular use of Nutri-calm can help take your competition routine from, sparky spectacle to purposeful performance.

For more information on this product check out Nutri-Calm Syrup and Nutri-Calm Gel.

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