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Support Your Mare’s Fertility

Support Your Mare’s Fertility
5 February 2014 | Margaret Wilson


All breeders want to make sure to support their mare’s fertility. Using antioxidant rich supplements can be of great benefit.

As the 2014 breeding season begins shortly, breeders concerned with supporting fertility in maiden and particularly barren mares can be considering supplementing these mares. Firstly, it is important to ensure the mare is in good condition after the winter months. Often these mares are less well looked after than in-foal mares, mares in poor body condition are often less fertile. As it is still the natural off season for mares, light therapy is often needed to stimulate cycling.

To specifically aid fertility, Foran Equine’s V.S.L. can be a useful addition to the diet. V.S.L. is packed with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Selenium, which benefit overall fertility particularly the uterine environment. It also contains Lysine which is an essential amino acid for horses. Supplementing mares with V.S.L. can improve their fertility, increasing their chance of going in foal.

Check out V.S.L. and V.S.L. Liquid for more information on this product.

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