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Sweeten Vitamin Intake in Foals

Sweeten Vitamin Intake in Foals
26 February 2014 | Margaret Wilson


Make sure your foal is getting the best start, here’s a Sweet way to increase vitamins in your foal.

All breeders want to do their best for their foals. A healthy well-fed mare, producing adequate milk should provide all the foal needs for its first 3 months of life. However, sometimes breeders want the assurance of knowing their foal is getting all the nutritents they require.  Foran’s Friska Foal is a simple convenient way to boost your foal’s nutrient in-take. Friska Foal is a sweet tasting, vitamin packed syrup designed to top-up nutrient requirements in young foals on milk. It is particularly useful for foals recovering from diarrhoea or illness, or as a nutrient boost during times of stress.

Because of its satisfying taste, foals come to love their daily allowance and come nudging their handlers for it. Now that is sweet way to make sure your foal is getting the best!

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