Vitamins & Minerals

Customer Spotlight – Linda Murphy

2 August 2022 |
Lauren Cushe
Shirsheen Sport Horses Road to the RDS

Linda and Brendan Murphy of Shirsheen Sport Horses more

Copper – the key to a quality coat!

1 February 2021 |
Nia O'Malley

Poor coat? Dull color? No shine? Poor hair quality? Are you struggling to get that rich more

Antioxidant Supplementation in Horses

18 November 2020 |
Nia O'Malley

Most performance feeds will be formulated to meet the demands of most competition horses, more

Why is B Vitamin Supplementation important?

18 November 2020 |
Nia O'Malley

As key nutrients regulating energy release, B vitamins can impact a horse’ more

Supplementing your horse with Copper

18 November 2020 |
Nia O'Malley

Copper is a key element in many metabolic processes within the body and is more

Friska Foal: A Vitamin Supplement for Foals

25 May 2016 |
Sabrina Barnwell MVB MRCVS

There's always a growing importance of foal milk replacer in the equine industry. Young more