Supplement for Success During WEF

Supplement for Success During WEF
13 January 2022 | Foran Equine

Poor dull coat, poor topline, listless, lethargic? A nutritional boost can really help with the transition to Florida.

Many horses struggle with the transition to Florida and with the season kicking off, we want to make sure your horses have all their nutritional needs met. Many horse are back of their break after a busy summer season of back to back horse shows and are now gearing  up for a season of intense showing starting in January and will be faced with the extreme heat and humidity of Florida, along with all of the many new bugs that go with it! And for most the water can also be questionable.

This is a key time for your horse to prepare for the season ahead, so it’s far from ideal when your horse loses most of this time struggling with the adjustment in the transition to Florida. Assisting your horse nutritionally can really help him get through this period.

The Foran Equine team are here to help, we offer an extensive range of performance supplement including:




B Vitamins with added prebiotic to support digestive health and appetite


Ideal for

Horses experiencing:

  • Increased stress
  • High energy demands and intense training
  • Fatigue
  • Extensive travelling
  • Reduced appetite


Refuel Liquid


Daily balanced electrolyte with added B-Vitamins for optimal recovery


Ideal for

  • Performance Horses
  • Horses in intense work
  • horses in hot climates

Karron Oil


Superior quality readily absorbed Omega 3, 6 & 9 to support digestive function and overall well-being


Ideal for

  • Horses with dry skin and dull coat
  • Horses requiring a concentrated source of energy where feed intake is limited
  • Mares and stallions requiring fertility support
  • Horses in their advancing years


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