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Foran Equine Announce Acquisition of Anlon Nutrition Ltd.

Foran Equine Announce Acquisition of Anlon Nutrition Ltd.
26 January 2018 | Jane Davis

It was announced today on the opening day of the ITBA Expo ’18, that Foran Equine, leader in the field of equine supplements and healthcare has acquired Anlon Nutrition Ltd. in a deal that will see Foran Equine take a controlling interest in Anlon Nutrition Ltd. an Irish company, founded in 2014 by Tracy Piggott and Dr Des Leadon.

Key to the acquisition, Foran Equine today launched two new products to market, Foran Equine Fertility Support and Foran Equine Recovery Support, both of which provide a stabilized form of Ubiquinol, the most bioavailable version of Coenzyme Q10.

A powerful antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 is the ideal support for stallions in preparation for and during the breeding season and has been shown to decrease oxidative stress during exercise in all forms of equine competition, particularly those demanding stamina.

Dr. Des Leadon, one of the Directors of Anlon Nutrition said; “Every Winter and Summer, we see horses who are asked to “back up” on their previous heroic efforts – and fail to do so. Every Spring, we see stallions who are unable to meet our requirements of them, whether they are immature, or facing high workloads, or entering the latter stages of immensely successful careers in the breeding shed. Recovery Support and Fertility Support are novel products designed to address both issues. They represent the culmination of four years of Trans-Atlantic research and development under the umbrella of ANLON, an Irish company that set out to address both of the above problems. Anlon’s innovative thinking and problem solving caught the imagination of Foran Equine and Connolly’s RED MILLS who have now bought a controlling interest. This heralds a “Bright New Dawn” for management of post racing and post exercise Recovery and of support for Fertility.”

World renowned veterinarian and past president of the World Equine Veterinary Association, Prof Warwick Bayly, BVSc, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, joined the Anlon team in 2015. Ahead of his presentation at the ITBA Expo, Professor Warwick Bayly commented; “CoQ10 is something I have been tracking for years. In my mind, it has never been a matter of if it would be embraced by horsemen, but when. CoQ10 Ubiquinol has the potential to have a major impact on the performance of horses in competition and the breeding farm, worldwide.”

Professor Warwick Bayly, will present his finding on Coenzyme Q10/Ubiquinol in a presentation titled “Athletic Recovery and Fertility – Cornerstones of Equine Enterprises” at the ITBA Expo ’18 today and tomorrow.  (Friday 10.45am, Saturday 11.15am EXPO Den – Both presentations will be streamed live on Foran Equine’s Facebook page)

In 2017, equine reproductive physiology expert and CEO of Horse Sport Ireland, Ronan Murphy, B.Ag (Hons) came on board bringing a myriad of skills that have helped to advance Anlon significantly.

Speaking at the Launch, Gareth Connolly, Sales and Marketing Director for Foran Equine & Connolly’s RED MILLS said; “The ITBA Expo 18 has taken the lead in mapping a blueprint for the future of the industry, the team at Connolly’s RED MILLS and Foran Equine are delighted to be part of this initiative.

ITBA Expo 18 is the perfect platform to announce our exciting acquisition of Anlon Nutrition with the launch of two new ground-breaking products to compliment the Foran Equine range. In listening to our customers and understanding the need for the continuous innovation and development of our product ranges, Anlons research and product offering, fitted with our strategic thinking and overall ambitions. The launch of our two new products, Foran Equine Fertility Support and Foran Equine Recovery Support, both of which contain a stabilized form of Ubiquinol the most bioavailable version of Coenzyme Q10, represent significant progression in Equine nutrition.”