Why I Love Horse Racing

Why I Love Horse Racing
6 October 2014 | Margaret Wilson


Margaret gives us just one example of why she loves horse racing. She kept faith in the filly, even when her husband seems to politely disagree with her! Treve didn’t let her down.

This week was supposed to be about yearling sales preparation, however, as something even more important has happened, this has been re-written.

Prix de l'arc

Normally I’m a terrible tipster; however, I’m also terribly loyal once a horse takes my fancy. Even when the horse’s form declines, I still keep the faith and back them. I have particular soft spot, for fillies and especially ones that stick their prowess to the colts! You can probably see where this is going (unless you’re looking for information on show jumping ponies right now) … all the way to Paris!

Amazingly, yesterday as I was brewing the tea to sit down with millions of others to watch the Arc on television, my husband asked, “So who do you think will win the Arc?”


“Really?” (snigger).

“Yeah, why not?”

She was coming off three defeats and no horse has won back to back Arc’s in my lifetime. Who wouldn’t be confident?

So am I a great tipster? No. Did I back the 11/1 Arc winner? No.

But I did believe Madam Criquette Head Maarek, Treve and Thierry Jarnet, were not just out to make up the numbers. We can only imagine what the trainers instructions were before the race, but what a fantastic ride she got. In this day of very tactical racing, the oldest one in the book was expertly employed. Get on the rail, hold the rail, and don’t hit the front too soon. Then wait for your break and once in front, do not stop riding, do not look back!

The joyous emotion of the win was evident on the faces of all the connections. The reigning champion had lined up un-fancied to win, and brought the house down with her victory. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I love horse racing!

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