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Since the start, Foran Equine has been committed to being an exceptional leader in the industry. We produce supplements that meet pharmaceutical-grade standards as we endeavour to offer equine supplements that exceed industry requirements.

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Pharma-grade products backed by science

Scientifically formulated in our licensed high-tech lab in Kilkenny, Ireland, Foran Equine supplements undergo unique batch preparation to ensure longevity of active ingredients, and extensive field trials to ensure palatability and ease of use. Only the finest quality ingredients are used from approved suppliers. This unique approach ensures all our products are manufacturered while at their peak level of freshness and quality for our valuable customers.

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Our comprehensive range of equine supplements is accessible in over 50 countries across the globe. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about where to buy in Middle Eastern countries.

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Explore a wealth of equine nutritional articles, carefully devised by equine nutritionists for the Middle East challenges who are also on hand to offer bespoke advice tailored to your equine needs.

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Equine supplements formulated for success

Foran Equine supplements are formulated in our pharmaceutical-grade facility and laboratory in Kilkenny, Ireland. Our supplements enhance equine well-being and performance while meeting strict regulatory standards. We manufacture according to scientific research, with our products undergoing field trials and testing to ensure optimal efficacy for horses. "Our science, your success" remains the guiding principle we strive for each day.

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Foran Equine Supplements GCC

Science-driven manufacturing backed by research excellence

Foran Equine's superior range of supplements adhere to the strictest international anti-doping regulations and proudly bear the S.A.F.E. mark. Through our relentless commitment to research excellence and specialised manufacturing techniques, we uphold pharmaceutical-grade standards and research to offer our customers the highest and most trusted quality assurance levels and technical precision.

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Foran Equine supplements are formulated to promote the well-being and performance of thoroughbred and Arabian horses for racing, breeding, showing and dressage in the Middle East.

Foran Equine and its sister brandsput horses at the core

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Connolly's RED MILLS is renowned for its specially formulated equine feeds produced in Ireland and distributed across more than 80 countries worldwide, including the GCC region. Utilising cutting-edge cooking technology and decades of expertise, we produce quality horses feeds from premium-quality natural ingredients to optimise equine health and performance.

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Founded in 1765, Carr & Day & Martin holds a distinguished position as a global leader in horse care. With an international reputation for excellence in leather care, coat care, hoof care and healthcare products, Carr & Day & Martin has been passionate about honouring its heritage and reputation for producing the best horse care range for its customers since the very beginning.

Premium equine supplements that complement your horse feed nutrition

Foran Equine supplements are produced by our diverse team of scientists and nutritionists, united by a passion for science and nutritional excellence. Foran Equine is proud to be part of the Connolly's RED MILLS equine powerhouse which offers premium and scientfically formulated horse feeds. Together, our diverse product offering has been fuelling optimal horse performance and health for more than 100 years with our equine feeds, and nearly 50 years with supplements. Our science is your success.

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