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From the very beginning, Foran Equine has strived to exceed industry standards by producing supplements in line with pharmaceutical-grade standards to provide the very best for our equine athletes.

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Pharmaceutical-grade equine supplements

Foran Equine supplements are uniquely batch-prepared in-house at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Kilkenny, Ireland and aim to align with human-grade and pharmaceutical-grade standards. High-quality ingredients are scientifically researched and sourced from approved and registered suppliers.

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Our extensive equine supplement range is available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Find out where to locate a stockist near you, or contact our sales team to learn more.

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Browse our specially curated equine nutrition articles penned by our expert nutritionists who are also available for tailored equine advice.

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Scientifically formulated products for success

At Foran Equine, all products are strategically formulated to enhance equine well-being while meeting regulatory requirements at our pharma-grade factory and laboratory in Kilkenny, Ireland. Our scientifically-based product range has been field-trialed, tested and proven to offer the highest level of functional benefits in horses. "Our science, your success" is the motto we continue to work towards daily.

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Specialised manufacturing driven by research excellence

Foran Equine's premium range of supplements comply with stringent international anti-doping regulations and carry the S.A.F.E. mark. We continue to adhere to pharma-grade standards and regulations through research excellence and specialised manufacturing processes to ensure we provide our customers with the highest levels of quality assurance while meeting technical specifications.

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Foran Equine supplements are specifically designed to optimise health and boost performance in high-performance horses across disciplines spanning horse racing, showjumping, eventing, breeding and dressage.

Foran Equine and our sister brands place the horseat the heart of everything we do

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Global leaders of premium horse feed scientifically formulated for optimal health and performance

Connolly's RED MILLS' renowned scientifically formulated equine feeds are manufactured in Ireland and sold in over 80 countries. We combine advanced cooking technology with our years of experience to produce our pioneering equine feed made with the most premium-quality natural raw ingredients to produce optimal horse feed.

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Carr & Day & Martin was founded in 1765 and enjoys international status as global leaders in horse care. World-renowned for its leather care, coat care, hoof care and healthcare products, Carr & Day & Martin places the horse at the heart of its operations and is revered as the most established horse care brand in the world.

World leaders in equine supplements to complement your choice of feed

Foran Equine supplements are scientifically formulated by our multi-disciplinary team of experts who share a passion for science and nutritional excellence, and forms part of the Connolly's RED MILLS equine powerhouse that also produces premium and precision nutrition formulated horse feeds. Our combined diverse offering has helped to drive equine performance success for over 100 years with feed solutions and nearly 50 years with supplements. Our science is your success.

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