The story of Foran Equine

Founded in 1974, Foran Equine is a pioneering name in the equine supplement industry. As a subsidiary of the reputable Foran Healthcare Limited brand, Foran Equine has always strived to produce an elite range of supplements that meet human- and pharmaceutical-grade standards while satisfying the needs of our equine customers.

Our unwavering commitment to in-depth scientific research and development has allowed us to become a market leader in specialised equine healthcare and performance nutrition.

In 2013, we joined forces with Connolly’s RED MILLS as part of our commitment to being at the forefront of supporting the nutrition and performance needs of horses in the most comprehensive way possible.

Foran Equine’s innovative range of over 60 products is widely accessible in more than 50 countries around the globe and is specifically formulated to boost health and optimise performance in horses. Our in-house multi-disciplinary team leads the development of our scientifically formulated products backed by more than 45 years of research and development to meet the needs of horses across various disciplines.

Scientifically advanced supplements to drive equine success and well-being

Foran Equine joins forces with Connolly's RED MILLS

In 2013, Connolly’s RED MILLS acquired the esteemed Foran Equine brand to ensure the perfect marriage of scientifically formulated products and nutritional excellence to expand our equine health and performance offering. It allows our multi-faceted nutritional experts to provide exclusive equine nutritional advice on the various supplement solutions available that are specifically tailored to complement the feed you use.

Our manufacturing facilities

From our original manufacturing facilities to our newly built 65,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Foran Equine manufacturing, warehousing and laboratory facilities in Purcellsinch, Ireland, we are committed to extending our production capabilities and reach so we can continue to meet our customer demands.

Our esteemed equine supplement range is produced by our nutritional and technical experts

All Foran Equine supplements are produced by our highly experienced team of chemists, nutritionists and veterinary surgeons who are uniquely supported by our technical team.

Product development starts in response to customer insights, market needs and essential product requirements, after which we consult with our in-house team and combine their expert guidance with scientific literature.

Laboratory testing is conducted to create the best formulation, with external parties conducting tests to ensure our products meet the required level of optimal performance, health and well-being in horses while complying with safety and quality requirements.

A diverse range of equine supplement solutions

Over 45 years in the making, the Foran Equine range of supplements has grown from a selection of equine healthcare and performance supplements to include more than 60 products today. Our in-house team of experts develop our pharmaceutical-grade products which are field-trialed, scientifically researched and tested. We combine science, experience and the feedback received from our customers to drive new product innovation.

Foran Equine forms part of the Foran Healthcare brand

As part of the Foran Healthcare brand that also manufactures human and pet supplements, we apply Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards which enable the production of the finest quality products within the supplement industry in line with human-grade standards for our equine customers.

Our supplements are available worldwide

Foran Equine’s premium range of supplements are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. We export to the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Asia, countries in the Middle East and beyond.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs – wherever they are in the world.

Discover the 3 ranges within our portfolio

Our extensive range of supplements cover our 3 ranges, namely the For-Success range that includes products formulated to support and achieve success while competing, our For-Value products formulated for everyday nutritional requirements, and our For-Life range to promote overall equine health and well-being.

Tested and trusted products that are free from prohibited substances

The most advanced internal and external scientific testing methods are applied alongside standard in-house operating procedures during our product development trials. A benchtop trial is conducted to test products for optimal quality, nutrition, palatability, microbiological and efficacy levels.

In addition, Foran Equine supplements featuring the Strict Anti-doping Formulation Ensured (S.A.F.E.) mark are free from prohibited substances, making them safe for use in competition and racing horses.

Our science, your success

For decades, we’ve been applying our leading scientific methods to drive the success of our customers and their horses. Our diverse range of equine supplements are highly palatable and easy to use, with all raw ingredients being responsibly sourced from the most trusted and approved sources.

Our customers trust in the level of performance and quality we strive to deliver, with our high level of quality control throughout the production process and beyond ensuring premium levels of nutrients and bioavailability that maximises the shelf life and freshness of our products.