Research excellence

Optimal quality equine supplements backed by scientific research, quality and safety

At Foran Equine, we are passionate about creating only the finest quality supplements supported by extensive scientific research, unique batch preparation and product development trials which ensure our entire range is tested to meet quality, safety and efficacy standards.

We test all pharmaceutical-grade raw materials and uniquely batch-prepared product samples throughout the production phase to ensure compliance with global anti-doping regulations. Products featuring the S.A.F.E. mark are free from anti-doping and prohibited substances to ensure they are safe for use in competition and race horses.

We perform extensive product research to meet safety, quality and efficacy standards, and deliver the most in-demand solutions

The process of identifying and manufacturing new products within the Foran Equine range commences with identifying the requirement for a new product on the market. Once this is confirmed and approved for production, the freshest of raw ingredients are researched in-depth and then sourced based on scientifically proven research, market trends, and a good long-term history.

Unique scientifically led formulations are designed and developed in-house that cater for the functional development of horses without compromising on regulatory requirements such as anti-doping requirements. All the ingredients contained in Foran Equine supplements are of the freshest and highest quality, and sourced from a hand-picked selection of suppliers who are audited, registered and approved, where applicable.

Stringent product trials are conducted to meet market-leading standards

Our state-of-the-art facility in Purcellsinch, Kilkenny, Ireland boasts a Feed license from the Department of Agriculture and is where our leading team of chemists conduct the most scientifically advanced testing and trials before products are moved to the stability and full-scale production phase.

Trials commence with a benchtop trial and—if successful—a scale-up production trial is conducted thereafter. Quality, nutritional, microbiological, efficacy and palatability parameters are checked before stability and production phases commence.