Our specialized manufacturing

Adopting a specialized manufacturing approach to maintain quality and safety standards

At Foran Equine, we proudly manufacture over 95% of our products in-house using bioavailable minerals and pharmaceutical-grade raw materials at our facilities in Kilkenny, Ireland. This is how we maintain complete quality and safety control across our products, along with NOPS-free assurance and products produced with the S.A.F.E. mark.

Precise product composition assurance

All Foran Equine products come with the promise of consistency. Products are prepared using optimal natural ingredients and undergo unique batch preparation to ensure premium levels of quality and consistency. Furthermore, we ensure the highest levels of freshness across our supplement range so they can reach our customers at the most optimal quality.

Employing industry-best manufacturing practices

At Foran Equine, we are committed to producing the highest quality equine supplements in line with the most advanced specialized manufacturing processes. We aim to manufacture products in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards while employing a leading Quality Control Management System (QCMS) to ensure product trials comply with quality, nutritional, microbiological, efficacy and palatability standards.

From our hand-picked selection of quality raw materials to our air filtration and clean room facilities that enhance product freshness, our manufacturing processes provide global customers and their horses with the most premium range of supplement solutions.

Licensed manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical-grade standards

Our manufacturing facilities are fully licensed to produce premium human and veterinary products as part of the Foran Healthcare brand. This enables us to maintain product integrity, superior quality, and trust with our customers who utilize the equine supplements within our portfolio.