Copper Supplementation

Copper Supplementation
27 August 2018 | Foran Equine

Copper Supplementation in Horses

Copper is one of the most important trace elements in the horse. It is a critical element in many important metabolic pathways in horses. Copper (Cu) belongs to a group of elements known as trace elements, that is they are present and required in the body in very small amounts. Despite this, they are essential to the health and bodily functions of the animal and deficiency in intake and utilisation can have many deleterious consequences. Copper is necessary in bone formation, elastin formation, haematopoiesis, pigment formation, reproduction and immune system function.



How copper deficiency occurs

  1. Insufficient intake
  2. Low soil, herbage and ration Copper values
  3. Interaction with other elements
  4. At root level in pasture—Zinc and Iron

    b. In the animal—Zinc, Iron, Cadmium, Molybdenum and Sulphur

The daily requirement for copper in horses is 25-30 mg/kg of dry matter intake. Supplementation is ideally carried out on a routine basis.


Foran Equine’s Coppervit is a chelated Copper supplement in liquid form. It is fortified with Vitamin E a key antioxidant, Manganese for healthy joints, Biotin for healthy hoof horn growth and Vitamin B12 to promote red blood cell formation. Suitable for all horses particularly Breeding Stock, Horses in Training or Competition, Show Horses and Sales Prep.

Foran Equine’s Copper-Max Paste is a chelated Copper and Zinc supplement in a convenient syringe form. This makes it ideal for administrating to horses kept at pasture.

For more information on Copper Supplementation in horses, contact our expert team.