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Why is B Vitamin Supplementation important?

Why is B Vitamin Supplementation important?
18 November 2020 | Nia O'Malley

As key nutrients regulating energy release, B vitamins can impact a horse’s energy levels and performance. B vitamins play a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in protein synthesis, energy transfer, and red blood cell production. They have also been shown to have an impact on appetite and nervous behaviour.

Grazing provides a good source of B vitamins, and many B vitamins are synthesised in the hindgut of the horse, so supplementation is usually not necessary. However, if grazing is limited, or if the horse is suffering from possible hindgut issues than supply of B vitamins might be limited, and supplementation would be advisable.

Supplementing with the full range of vital B vitamins essential for blood cell formation and metabolism, helps support increased and sustained energy production, and would also safely promote appetite during times of stress and fatigue. Learn more about B Vitamin Supplementation here.


For more information on Supplementing with Vitamin B, please contact our Expert Team.

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