Showjumping Rider

Bertram is an international showjumper whose interest in horses emerged at just 8 years old. Following his father’s interest in horses, he has received great support throughout the ranks. Bertram competed in the Irish pony circuit from 12.2 to 14.2, and spent time at a yard in Germany at the age of 16, which he hasn’t left since. At present, he is based in his yard in Hünxe.

He climbed into the Top 10 in world rankings together with Romanov. Betram won the 5-star Grand Prix at the Dublin Horse Show in 2014, together with his mare Molly Malone V. He also became the youngest rider to win a round of the Global Champions Tour in 2015.”

Winning highlights

  • 2021 – IRE Olympic Team
  • 2017 – European Team Gold Medal
  • 2015 – 3rd place in the Las Vegas World Cup Final
  • 2013 – Winning Individual Silver at the Junior European Championship
  • 2012 – Winning a Gold Medal in the Junior European Team
  • 2010 – Winning Individual Gold and Team Silver at Pony European Championships

“I have been working with the Connolly’s RED MILLS and Foran Equine team for a long time now, and my horses continue to thrive and perform consistently at the top-level. Their expert team, quality products and global availability combined make them the ultimate nutritional partner and one that I trust and enjoy working with.”

“Foran Equine’s PRE-FUEL and REFUEL is the perfect performance combo. PRE-FUEL provides my horses with the fuel they need to perform at their best. REFUEL supports their recovery between competitions so that they can keep giving their all. I use PRE-FUEL and REFUEL as part of my strategic training routine.”

“Everything about our set up is designed to keep horses as much in their natural environment and state as possible. The fact that FORAN EQUINE uses the same principles in much of their product development makes us a perfect match.”

“All my horses have varied, busy work schedules, including turnouts. They could not maintain those schedules and perform at the highest levels without Pro-Am. You can see the difference in recovery times and improvements within weeks, and it’s a staple for me.”

“Growing, learning youngstock can’t develop properly without Pro-Am in my book. You can see straight away how much more easily they take they work and build power.”

“Our Grand Prix horses are on the road a lot; they are competing at the highest level and working hard at home too. Pro-Am gets straight to the point to make sure their muscles can keep up with that.”

“My Grand Prix mare Molly Malone is a strong horse who loves work; the more you work her, the better she is. She’s very competitive, like me, and takes a lot out of herself. Adding V.S.L. and Pro-Am to each feed ensures everything she takes out is put straight back in. It keeps energy levels up and that big personality bouncing.”