Lorraine Fradl

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Lorraine has worked with large-scale global thoroughbred stud farms and showjumping stables and understands the challenges owners, trainers and breeders face. She also has a qualification from Animal Science Equine acquired at the University College Dublin. Lorraine enjoys spending time with her family and her own horses including a mixture of racehorses, youngstock, broodmares and riding horses.

Lorraine’s current focus is on the Irish home market where she provides customer support for product selection, technical advice and enquiries, and more. She also plays a role in nutritional research topics, new product development, and technical marketing.

Lorraine Fradl

“My job at RED MILLS and Foran Equine allows me to use my scientific knowledge and apply it in practical situations to support the well-being of horses and ensure the highest level of nutrition is achieved. It’s always rewarding getting to know our customers’ horses and to see their horses physically improve and perform well after making changes to the diet.” Outside of work, Lorraine spends her time with her family and her own horses – a mixture of riding horses, racehorses, broodmares, and youngstock.

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