Nichola Reynolds

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Nicki’s early career years were spent as a researcher for a veterinary clinical trials company, she then went on to groom for a competition team in Germany and later travelled to the US to train as a vet tech at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky.  Eventually heading home to study for her master’s at Aberystwyth University, she worked with some of the UK’s leading reproduction vets and experts completing a thesis on asynchronous ovulations and the impact on twin pregnancy rates in Thoroughbreds, the work was later published in the veterinary record.

On completion of her master’s Nicki started working for Veterinary Immunogenics where she started as a horse health technician, working her way up to site manager, being responsible for the production of life-saving hyperimmunised plasma for foals with failure of passive transfer.

Nicki first joined the RED MILLS group in 2016 and managed the North of England and Scotland as the nutrition sales specialist, working with leading trainers, studs, and competition yards across her territory, managing diet plans, and helping solve performance problems using specific performance supplements and alterations to feed where needed. She was with RED MILLS and Foran Equine for nearly 6 years during which time she gained a real interest in the use of performance and breeding supplements, she went to the US to promote Foran Equine products to leading vets.  Nicki later moved on and spent some time in the veterinary pharmaceuticals industry, working in small and large animal technical sales, as well as diagnostics tech support.  She returned to the RED MILLS group in 2023 as the nutrition support manager for the UK team. She is loving her new role and in her spare time, she walks her beloved spaniels on the lake district fells and helps her partner with their small sheep farm.

Nichola Reynolds

“Working for RED MILLS and Foran Equine allows me to put my interests and knowledge to the best use, I can help all customers including studs and trainers to make those small adjustments to their horse's diets using specialist supplements to make the biggest difference. We offer unrivalled customer support which is something I take great pride in”.