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Your Pre-Fuel & Re-Fuel FAQs answered


Buy Pre-Fuel Gel here

Buy Re-Fuel Gel here


We’ve had lots of great feedback on our Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel liquids and gels, as well as some questions on how and when to use them. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you decide if Pre-Fuel and/or Re-Fuel is the right product for your horse. 

Foran Equine’s Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel Gels are now available in triple packs, at a great new price allowing you to save when compared to buying individual syringes. The syringes are competition day essentials, and the triple packs are extra handy for bringing in the lorry when going schooling, to an event or competition, or even off on a hack. Don’t leave home without them! Individual syringes are still available should you wish to trial the gels before purchasing a triple pack. 

What is the benefit of using Pre-Fuel + Re-Fuel Gel together? 

Pre-Fuel Gel is formulated to support energy and muscle function prior to hard exercise or competition. Re-Fuel Gel is designed to be given afterwards to encourage recovery by rehydrating and aiding muscle repair. Using these products in combination will support optimum performance and ensure your horse recovers quickly, ready for the next event. 

What is the benefit of using Pre-Fuel + Re-Fuel Liquid together? 

Pre-Fuel Liquid is formulated to support energy and muscle function on a daily basis during periods of regular hard exercise or competition. Re-Fuel Liquid is designed to be given on a daily basis with feed during periods of hard work or competition to encourage recovery by rehydrating and aiding muscle repair. Using these products in combination will support optimum performance and ensure your horse recovers quickly, ready for the next event. 

How do I choose whether to use the liquid or gel format for both Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel?  

Both liquid and gel formats of these products can be used interchangeably when needed – i.e Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel Gels do not need to be used exclusively with each other and likewise with the liquids. Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel liquids are designed to be given on a daily basis whereas Pre-Fuel and Re-Fuel gels are designed to be given for a targeted event. For example, you can administer a Pre-Fuel Gel before competition for that extra energy boost but use Re-Fuel Liquid in the daily feed on a long-term basis to maintain recovery after exercise and competition. 

There is vitamin E in these products and also in my feed, what is role of vitamin E? Can you give too much? 

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and plays a role in supporting cellular health. When cells generate energy, free radicals are produced which can damage cellular health. As every task carried out in the body uses energy, and exercising horses require large amounts of energy production, there are a large amount of free radicals produced – which need to be cleared! 

Vitamin E, along with other antioxidants, ‘mop up’ these free radicals, thus helping your horse to recover from strenuous exercise. Horses with higher workloads require more Vitamin E than horses at rest. Therefore, whilst your feed should provide optimal levels of Vitamin E on a day-to-day basis, supplementing Vitamin E before and after exercise or during periods of strenuous work can be enormously beneficial for performance and recovery. 

Are they safe for competition?

Yes, both products carry Foran Equine’s S.A.F.E. mark of approval in liquid and gel format, which indicates they are safe for competition use and do not require a withdrawal period. 

My horses don’t like syringes – can you add to feed? 

As both of these products are available in a liquid form, which is suitable for top-dressing feeds, you can select which is most appropriate for your horse. You can find more information here – Refuel Liquid;Prefuel Liquid. 

I want peace of mind that I am supporting performance without the worry of extra fizz, is Pre-Fuel Liquid and Gel suitable? 

Pre-Fuel Liquid & Gel supports performance by aiding muscle function. It provides energy in the form of glucose and branch chain amino acids. This is ideal for horse’s needing extra energy. If your horse is highly strung, Pre-Fuel may not be needed. But if you are curious about the products we advise to try it at home first rather than on the day of competition. 

What are BCAAs? 

BCAAs stand for branch chain amino acids. Valine, leucine and isoleucine are essential BCAA’s required by all horses. Essential amino acids cannot be manufactured by the horse itself. However, they are required in large amounts in the diet to ensure the optimum recovery and repair of muscles after intense exercise. 

What key vitamins and minerals are in Pre-Fuel? 

Pre-Fuel contains B-vitamins to aid efficient energy use and vitamin E with chelated zinc to support muscle function. 


When do I administer? 

Pre-Fuel Gel should be given 1-2 hours prior to hard exercise or competition. Pre-Fuel Liquid should be given daily during periods of hard work. 

How long do the effects last? 

Pre-Fuel Gel is digested quite quickly so the effects usually last 2-4 hours. This will vary from horse to horse as individuals will have different metabolic rates. Pre-Fuel Liquid will have continuous effects during the period of use. 

What are the functions of the B-vitamins? 

B-vitamins, along with many other bodily functions, help to promote appetite and increase feed utilisation. Horses under stress, in high intensity exercise, or those on a low forage diet often have compromised B-vitamin status. Providing your horse with B-vitamins post exercise will stimulate appetite and thus support recovery, particularly useful in horses that are slow to eat following competition or racing.

Why Re-Fuel over a standard electrolyte? 

Re-Fuel Liquid & Gel contains a high concentrate of electrolytes which are typically deficient in a horse’s diet, as well as powerful antioxidants and a range of B-vitamins. Re-Fuel promotes recovery by rehydrating, repairing muscle damage, and supporting appetite. 

I give Equi-Lyte G or Re-Fuel Liquid during the week – can I also give Re-Fuel Gel after a competition? 

Yes, Re-Fuel Gel can be given after competition to support recovery and rehydration. It is important to allow free access to clean water alongside electrolyte supplementation. Additional electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants will continue to promote recovery and any surplus to requirements will be excreted. 

When do I administer Re-Fuel? 

Re-Fuel Gel should be given to your horse after competition once the horse has fully cooled down and has been offered water. Clean, fresh drinking water should remain available to the horse after administration. Re-Fuel Liquid can be given daily for 1-3 days during periods of intense work and should always be given with feed and with water available.

Feeding guidelines for Re-Fuel Liquid says to give orally for 1-3 days. How do I know how long to give it for? 

The realistic answer is that it really depends on a number of factors – mainly how much your horse has sweated but it is also important to consider external influences such as climate, stress, transport, new environments etc. If your horse has only sweated up a little bit and not over-exerted itself then you might only need to administer for 1 day. Whereas if your horse has worked hard in warmer weather and has visibly sweated quite a lot, you may need to provide Re-Fuel Liquid for 3 days after exercise. The reality is, you cannot over-do it with electrolytes as horses will simply excrete anything they do not utilise – so no harm done! But it is important to remember that you can under-do it by not providing enough electrolytes so if in doubt, provide more rather than less. 

I generally travel home an hour after competition when they’ve recovered, can I wait till I get home to administer a Gel so my horse has access to water? 

Yes, waiting until you’ve travelled home before giving your horse Re-Fuel Gel is best if you do not have access to water. 

My horse doesn’t eat after competition, will Re-Fuel Liquid or Gel help? 

Many horses back off their feed after competition or increased workloads. This is often caused by a combination of factors including dehydration, muscle soreness, and stress. Re-Fuel Liquid & Gel both contain B-vitamins which help to encourage appetite post-exercise. However, if you know your horse will always back off their feed after competition, Re-Fuel Gel may be a better option as it gives peace of mind knowing the electrolytes have been administered and you don’t have the concern of needing your horse to eat their feed to receive their electrolytes.  


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