AIRvent Gel

Vapour releasing gel to open the airways 



  • Vitamin C – maintains a healthy immune system and promotes healing
  • Honey – a natural soothing agent
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus – decongesting aromatic oils to open the airway



  • To support the respiratory system


In a convenient syringe format.



All horses including young stock*


* As rules of racing/competition vary internationally, consultation with local authorities is recommended before using this product.

Directions For Use

To be administered orally

Bodyweight Dose per Day 
>300kg Full Syringe 50ml
<300kg 1/2 Syringe 25ml

Do not exceed recommended dose.

Analytical Constituents

Per Kg 
Vitamin C 16,500mg


  • Nutri-Gard is a uniquely formulated powdered digestible fibre to help protect the stomach lining and promote healing in horses at risk of gastric ulcers. Nutri-Gard has been clinically proven to have a beneficial effect on healing gastric ulcers in the horse.
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