There’s always plenty to think about when it comes to packing for a competition. Hours and hours of training often comes down to just a few minutes of peak performance in the ring. Whether it’s a little helping hand with calming, or a boost to help your horse recover more quickly for the next phase or class, Foran Equine’s show pack includes all the supplements you may need to help your horse perform at their best.

If your horse gets a little tense or overwhelmed with the show atmosphere, Foran Equine’s Nutri-Calm Gel is a non-drowsy, calming gel supplement aid nervous horses. It contains:

  • L-Tryptophan – an essential amino acid and a precursor to Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with inhibition of fear or stress
  • B vitamins – to aid the central nervous system
  • Magnesium – for muscle relaxation, regulating cardiac rhythm and nerve signalling

Easy to administer in a pre-loaded syringe, it can be used daily or in special situations such as to aid concentration during competition or to ease stress travelling.

Foran Equine’s Pre-Fuel is also comes in a helpful pre-loaded syringe. Given pre-competition*, Pre-Fuel is designed to quickly and easily meet the increased protein needs of the equine athlete during intensive exercise.

Pre-Fuel conveniently provides concentrated hydrolysed protein; hydrolysed protein is pre-digested so that its amino acids can be rapidly absorbed and used within the body. Pre-Fuel also contains electrolytes, B vitamins and Vitamin E to support athletic effort and recovery.

To help post competition Foran Equine’s Refuel Gel is a convenient, concentrated, balanced electrolyte supplement with added B vitamins, Vitamins C and E to aid rehydration, appetite and recovery post exercise or competition.

Balanced electrolytes – replace electrolytes lost through sweating, balancing body fluid and promoting water intake

B vitamins – for protein metabolism and energy utilisation to aid in muscle recovery and appetite

Vitamin E – powerful antioxidant to help reduce cellular injury and aid muscle recovery

Vitamin C – maintains a healthy immune system

Glucose – to aid electrolyte uptake and provide a rapid energy boost

Water should always be freely available once electrolytes are given to facilitate rehydration.

Hoof oil is a staple to all competition grooming kits – Foran Equine’s Kentucky Hoof Oil is available as Eazi Brush Hoof Oil; a convenient brush in a bottle making transport and application easy! A premium quality hoof oil, Kentucky Hoof Oils contains all natural oils and Stockholm Tar to aid hoof health and shine. Regular application of Kentucky Hoof Oil improves hoof strength, quality and growth and keeps the hoof wall, sole and heel supple and healthy.

All Foran Equine products are rigorously tested to ensure absolute compliancy with global anti-doping regulations and use in-house methods such as Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry (LCMSMS) technology and also external approved testing facilities such as Le Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) in France. The Foran Equine S.A.F.E. mark of approval is awarded to a product only when we are certain that it contains no prohibited substances and is safe for use in competition horses.

The Foran Equine technical team can provide in-depth support and guidance to all customers, supporting them in their choice of product and to advise on equine nutrition and health. You can get in touch with our experts here

*not to be given less than 2 hours before exercise, contact our expert team for further advice.

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